March 02, 2015
By Steven Yang 20x20

Today, Tim Sweeney of Epic Games announced that his company is letting people use their flagship game engine, Unreal Engine 4, for free! This is huge news as the initial $19 a month they charged could have been off-putting to some developers, especially if they just wanted to try out the engine to see how it is.

Epic takes a 5% cut of gross profits every quarter if you make over $4,000 for that period. This is very generous as you essentially get a triple A engine for absolutely nothing. If you had a subscription before, you'll get a $30 credit to purchase goods from their online store.

So what does this mean for Blast Zone Studios? Since it's now accessible to more people, we want to contribute to the expanding community by teaching. We will be rolling out a series of tutorials covering the inns and outs of the engine starting with the basics. We're currently working on a project involving Unreal Engine, so also we'll post about our process along the way. Stay tuned!

This article was written by Steven Yang. Follow him on Twitter